Life Happenings, Life Pondering

Beginning of the beginning.


When you think about it, isn’t everyday honestly a new beginning to the rest of your life? Each day is a new turn within itself that we somehow associate beginnings with to satisfy our desire to start fresh in this game we call life. There is some justice it seems in us that the moment we step out from under those warm covers, that we are able to change our lives and change our future. The wonderful thing about that new fresh start, is it’s true and anyone is able to take advantage of it.

No matter what our past holds, we all came from somewhere and all started the same. We started as the gift of God and we will end the same way we came out. This is not to say that the journey we take will be the same from our first cry until our last wishes, and it does not mean we will all climb the same mountains, but we will all have struggles. We will all have joy at some point, even in the small things which honestly do mean the most.

I am a firm believer in that everything happens for a reason, even if that reason is just due to a poor decision and not meant to influence your life in any other way, shape, or form. I believe that we are here for a reason. Every reason has a beginning.

This weekend, I will have one of these new miraculous beginnings we each crave and strive to push ourselves towards. I will be starting a new job and doing something I haven’t done before. I’ll be traveling for work from here in Michigan to Boston and I will be missing my little family the entire time. It will be a new journey not only for me, but for each person in my life as well and I am highly thankful I have the opportunity with this blog for them to live through my eyes and my steps as I travel not only to Boston, but as I travel through my life.

My name is Samantha. This is my life. This is my new beginning.

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