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Get That Booty Moving.

I feel it is fair to say that everyone knows how amazing Carrie Underwood’s legs are. I envy them, I want them, I just feel the passion to have my legs look that way! This made me do some research into finding her moves and her personal trainer which led me to Erin Oprea. She is, according to, Carrie Underwood’s trainer.

I have absolutely fallen in love with the workouts she provides and have even subscribed to her blog. Today she posted a blog and as I read it, I felt the need to share her amazingness with everyone here.

At the above link you can see an amazing booty move workout she provides that can be easily done at home or at the gym! Erin fantastically shows demonstrations of the moves right in the middle of the park! Oh how I am so jealous of the sunshine and shorts because here in Michigan we have snow right now and I don’t think that would be too park friendly at the moment.  Erin posts updates with new workouts and they are all fantastic so I highly suggest subscribing to her blog to receive emails about them!

At the link below you can see a workout she provided to Nashville Lifestyles on a perfect at home workout.

Thanks Erin for the awesome moves and keep ’em coming!

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