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Hopping across the country.


I embarked on my journey to Boston today and as I start to write this I am somewhere over Pennsylvania I think. There’s WiFi on board but it is absurdly expensive for me to even think about buying. Dustin and Macey dropped me off at the Detroit airport and we said our sad goodbyes. No not goodbyes, but see you laters. I already miss him but it won’t be long before I’m back home!

Thinking about traveling soon? I’ll  provide tips to you! Put as much in your checked luggage as you can. Security was a breeze for me except when they called for a bag check. Apparently my coin purse full of change for bus fare looks quite odd under an airport x-ray machine. They joked about it after they saw it was harmless change and let me on my way to meander through the Detroit Airport and find my gate.

The flight to Charlotte started off good with complimentary checking of my other luggage! Taking a carry-on and don’t  want to hassle with it? Check it at the gate for free! That is my second tip to you! It’s such a hassle to worry about carry ons fitting in the bin above you. It is another piece of luggage that could get lost but I’m a risk taker and a saver since a second checked bag at check in could cost a fortune! I proceeded onto my flight and was unfortunately seated beside the cutest Green Bay Packers fan I have seen, but at 4 months old she was a tad fussy at times. Overall she did a wonderful job on her first flight!


The flight arrived a bit late which left me racing across the airport to meet my other flight that had started to board before I even landed! What a rush and was much nicer with not having to worry about dragging a carry on! I hurried to the back where my seat was and found myself among my to be coworkers and fellow football fans! Ah the Packers vs. Seahawks game! All huddled around, with a few Patriot jerseys scattered among our fellow travelers.
As the sun has set now I see a smaller jet racing by and leaving a trail behind it. It’s wonderful to see a sunset below the clouds. I was hoping to get a picture, but a Seahawk touchdown distracted the likes of me! It’s at this point we are within half an hour of Boston and I will be taking a break from writing to humble myself through the turbulence that comes with small planes and tuning back into the game.


Hours have passed and I now lay in my bed at the hotel. The Packers and Patriots are officially going to play each other in the Superbowl in 2 weeks and I hear Boston yelling at their stadium only a few miles away. After our wonderful landing at Boston, I was super lucky to have BOTH my bags be the first ones to come through! Then I proceeded to find this free shuttle my hotel said to offer. Apparently in Boston, right means left and 15 minutes means half an hour….. so 2 hours later I finally find myself on the last shuttle to my hotel. With that, I leave you my last travel tip for now… always know who is getting you when you are getting off in a new city! The shuttle drivers did remind me of the two Wayans brothers in White Chicks though so that and getting to ride in a tunnel completely underwater definitely made up for my shuttle mishaps!

It’s wonderful to have already met so many friends and colleagues just from the plane ride and shuttle and can’t wait for the adventures that lie ahead of me. I can’t wait for you to show me what you’re made of Boston.


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