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Hello March. Hello Inkwell.

Hello March. Hello Spring.

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted! Boston has been amazing. I plan to do a post later this week with some pictures of the adventures I’ve had the past couple works. I have been working my butt off, and if I haven’t been working my butt off, I’ve spent the time home relaxing!

In this time I have come to realize that I have so many things to keep track of that I need a good planner. If you know me, you know I have had my Erin Condren planner since August. It helped me move to Michigan, and kept me organized through Christmas dinner. Now that I’m traveling however, I realized that the layout wasn’t working for me. I LOVE my Erin Condren and I recommend them to many people! It however is not working for what I need it to and if you are a planner you know how important planner peace is.

A layout for me in February in my Erin Condren.
A layout for me in February in my Erin Condren.

I used my Erin Condren into February and it was working somewhat for me, but I felt there was too much space. I felt pressured to fill in all the area with things that I didn’t have to write down. I also was starting to miss a lined planner! I was beginning to more need a planner for work and personal things, too so I tried to combine the two and I didn’t like how it turned out. I stopped at Wal-Mart while I was home in February and started looking in the planner section. Last year for work I had a greenroom planner I got from Target and really liked using it for work. It is lightweight and is perfect to travel to work, so I was looking for something similar when I stumbled onto this bright pink Mintgreen planner. This was perfect! I really love that they are recycled. The cover is a leather looking material (not leather) and it’s very minimalistic! A planner like this works GREAT for work for me since my Erin Condren was way too big to drag back and forth to work.

My Mintgreen planner... I love the bright pink cover and the colorful edged pages!
My Mintgreen planner… I love the bright pink cover and the colorful edged pages!

I had found my planner peace with my work planner! I was so excited and still am because I love these simple planners, and they are under $10! I still needed another planner for my personal things though like budgeting, bills, appointments. Plus I wanted to not have to carry this pile of stuff around anymore!

Loaded down with paper supplies!
Loaded down with paper supplies!

Carrying this much back and forth is sometimes a pain. I then began to hear more about Inkwell Press planners. I had seen pictures of them on Facebook and finally got to snooping around to see if I could find a marketplace where I could get a nice used planner for cheaper! Hey everyone loves a bargain! Well my bargain, has turned out to be the best thing of my life!

My Erin Condren meets my new Inkwell Press.
My Erin Condren meets my new Inkwell Press.

Hello Inkwell Press! Welcome to the family. Let’s just say I love everything about this planner so far! The wood cover (which is sturdier than the plastic of Erin Condren) to the paper weight. I love everything and I can’t wait to see what I do with this planner! It has tons of notes pages in the back and I honestly couldn’t be more excited. Today is the first day I really got to sit down and work in it since I wanted to start fresh with a new month and a new beginning. At the beginning of each month, there is a monthly calendar followed by a mission board for the month and a notes page. Well, let’s just say I started off pretty bold and I am so excited! I turned my mission board into a vision board and I’m the kind of person that if I am proud of what I do, I am more likely to come back and keep looking at it, so this is a great way to remind myself of my monthly goals. I put my top three goals on the right as well as Inkwell’s steps to organizing your life because I want to get more organized.

March Layout

Mission Board

Notes and Ramblings

So far I am in love! I haven’t parted with my Erin Condren yet, however so it is for sure my back up!

Have you found your planner peace yet? If you have, what planner do you use and why? Let’s talk organization! 😉



Erin Condren (This link saves you $10 off your first purchase!)

Inkwell Press (This link gives ou 20% off your first planner!)

1 thought on “Hello March. Hello Inkwell.”

  1. Now almost 8 months later…. Have you managed to remain unburden by all of the paper ephemera, or has it slowly creeped back in? I find it creeping in, but I like it. 🙂


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