Clean Eating Challenge

So I have taken upon myself to do a challenge… I am going to try 90 days of clean eating and see my progress! I have tried the past week to eat healthier, more organic foods and realized how much better I have felt in the past week versus the past month where most of my meals were spent eating out. This new challenge is also going to make me meal plan. I’m not good at it AT ALL… and I am a spur of the moment person in the grocery store. I have meal planned in the past and it definitely helped me save money.

Now that I’m in my apartment, cooking is going to be nicer because I can keep groceries on hand while I go home. My only draw backs are that I have no oven. I have a microwave and stove top so that is one kitchen feature I will only have when I go home. I will be referencing other sites and blogs and they will be tagged accordingly! I give credit to everyone else for unknowingly helping me along on my journey.

I have heard a few people and even Dave Ramsey talk about Emeals so I have decided to check it out! You get a 7 day meal plan (you are able to add breakfast and lunch if you wish) but I focused more on dinner. You get the shopping list for that week and the availability to choose between many different meal plans!

I was doing some reading on their blog to find out which plan fits best for me and I found a neat comparison chart between paleo and clean eating!

Paleo vs Clean Eating by emeals! Click the picture to head to their blog.
Paleo vs Clean Eating by emeals! Click the picture to head to their blog.

Looking at this I definitely figured clean eating would be better for me to start with than paleo as I’m not too much of an athlete and I’m just looking to be an all around healthier person food wise. I also love beans, grains, and dairy!

They also have a Paula Deen meal plan which is new!! Y’all know I love me some Paula Deen!! Unfortunately my thighs don’t like her AS much, so these will be cheat meals when I go home.

I am very excited this week to try some clean eating and can’t wait to see how emeals can save me some money!

Southern Lovings,


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