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15 Actually Functional Kitchen Gadgets

I absolutely love my kitchen. I think it’s one of the things I miss most about being home, aside from family of course. I have a stove-top and microwave in my hotel room, but there’s no replacing a good old fashioned oven. There’s also a grill at the hotel, but it’s gas and I’d just much rather have charcoal. Every time I come home, after putting things away I find myself in my kitchen. I just stand there, looking at the counter and without even realizing what I’m doing, I usually start wiping down the counters… they aren’t even dirty. The kitchen is just the one place that has always been home for me no matter where I go. There are so many cute kitchen gadgets out there, but to be honest if we had a gadget for EVERYTHING then I don’t even think the Vanderbilt Mansion would have a big enough place for them all. I like gadgets that are functional and being on the road has given me time to think about new gadgets would work great for me in my kitchen. I have listed my top fifteen, although the list could really go on!

1.  One Stop Chop Cutting Board ($39.99)

One Stop Chop Cutting Board

The One Stop Chop Cutting Board would be a fantastic addition to my kitchen! No matter whether I am making soups, salads, or anything needing lots of slicing and dicing, I always find myself needing a place to put the chopped veggies. How fantastic it would be to just simply put them underneath the cutting board until you need them! I love that this could even be used for a taco bar or burger toppings. Just load toppings into each container as you chop them and people can help themselves while leaving your bowls free for when you need them.

2.  Veggetti ($11.95)Veggetti

I am not too sure how often I could convince Dustin to eat vegetable pasta made by the Veggetti, but I know I sure would love it! It is such a healthy idea to eat pasta made out of vegetables and I actually know a friend who has this trusty gadget. She loves it, so this one might be a soon addition to my own kitchen. It looks pretty small to travel too so that’s always a plus that I could bring it with me on my adventures.

3.  Egg Minder ($9.80)

egg minderThe Egg Minder is definitely a must have in my opinion, especially when I am on a baking kick. I use so many eggs, especially during the holidays that it’s always nice to know how many you have on hand… the egg minder simply connects to an app on your phone to tell you exactly that! I know I wish I had an automatic inventory of my kitchen on my phone… (yes there are apps for that but frankly I am way too lazy to inventory my entire kitchen. Someday I just might!) It even has lights to show you the oldest eggs, but that’s usually never a problem in my house.

4. Jokari Hands-Free Baggy Rack ($5.50)Baggy Rack

I couldn’t count on both hands how many times this Jokari Hands-Free Baggy Rack would come in handy (ha, see what I did there?) during deer season but I can guarantee you this would be the BEST tool to ever invest in. The more I sit here and type this up, the more likely I feel that I will be purchasing this tool before then. Not only would this help during packaging meat, but meal prepping it would be a huge time saver as well if you’re a baggy person! For the price, this gadget is simply a must have.

5.  Cuppow Canning Jar Adapter ($8.99)

cuppowMy love of mason jars is apparent in my kitchen decorations, and canning supplies that are oh so lonely on the pantry shelf. I have done the salad in a mason jar before as well and it works magnificently except when you need to dump it onto a plate to get the dressing at the bottom of the jar onto the rest of the salad. (For those of you who have not heard of this, please refer here.) This Cuppow Canning Jar Adapter makes the need for a plate gone! It also helps rid of those small little sauce storage containers that we all know are constantly annoying to get open and keep track off. Simply store your dressing or dip right on top of your lunch or snack! Plus use your mason jars for yet another functionality. This is a win-win.

6. Koziol Kasimir Cheese Grater ($13.09)

hedgehog graterWhile we’re on the topic of things I love, everyone knows I used to own a hedgehog and have an absolute obsession with them! I dearly miss my Pepper and someday soon when I am not traveling plan to get another hedgehog. This Koziol Kasimir Cheese Grater is absolutely adorable. It makes me remember Pepper and is more of a cute kitchen gadget than actual functionality, however it is absolutely adorable.

7. Cannon Popcorn Maker ($49)

Cannon-Popcorn-MakerOkay so this one is again more cute than functional, but how AWESOME would it be to have popcorn spilling out of a cannon? The Cannon Popcorn Maker is a pretty awesome idea. We do have a regular popcorn maker because there is nothing that beats the taste of freshly popped popcorn so this would simply take the place of that. In fact, it’d probably make me want popcorn every movie night and we have a lot of movie nights!

8.  Chef’n Oil Silicone Oil Dispenser ($16.47)

oil dispenserOkay back to functional. I mentioned earlier the grilling… Dustin and I absolutely love to grill. He is the grill MASTER. No, not the apron kind, the fall-off-the-bone-ribs kind. What a better way to add continuous moisture and flavor to grill food than this Chef’n Oil Silicone Oil Dispenser. Just fill up with oil and brush on… no more loose bristles on your food either! Now if they just make a cap to attach to the bottle of BBQ sauce that has this same concept then we’d be in heaven.

9. Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin ($19.95)

rolling pinNow as I bake a lot, I have gotten pretty good at guesstimating the size of dough as I am rolling. Most of the time I do pretty good, but there are times when I want to be more concise and the Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin is the exact answer because I am great at getting a big enough piece, but not so great on making sure the width is the same throughout. This would be perfect to find thinner pieces in the dough and it’s nice to have a ruler at hand as well.

10. RSVP Herb Scissors ($10)

herbThere is nothing I despise more than chopping herbs. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the taste of fresh herbs in my dishes and there is nothing better than that, but for some reason I can’t master chopping herbs. The RSVP Herb Scissors are an instant solution if you’re like me. You can quickly chop them into a pan or over a dish for garnishing. You can never have too many scissors around.

11.  Sagaform Pizza Scissors ($16.78)

pizza (1)Speaking of scissors, I have used scissors before to cut pizza when I didn’t have a pizza cutter… actually now that I think about it, I still don’t have a pizza cutter. I simply use my kitchen shears or a knife (which the knife never ends up pretty because hot pizza toppings end up everywhere.) Sagaform Pizza Scissors also take away the hassle of having to find a way to hold the hot pizza while I use my kitchen shears so I feel like great minds are thinking a like on this one.

12. RSVP Silicone Slip-on Bowl Pour Spout ($6.49)

spoutWhile we’re looking at RSVP gadgets, we might as well look at this Silicone Slip-On Bowl Pour Spout. I don’t how many times when making sweet tea I have failed to get all the tea into the pitcher after boiling it. It usually starts with me putting the pitcher in the sink because I know it will spill, followed by me attempting to pour hot, steaming tea into the pitcher and getting about 3/4 of it actually in there. I then wipe off the pitcher and might even spill some on myself because we all know I am so clumsy. This awesome spout takes away that hassle and I really should buy this gadget sooner rather than later. Thankfully it can be used for more than sweet tea haha. It also goes hand in hand with our next gadget.

13. GEFU Resisti Draining Sieve ($34.94)

gefuAnother thing I hate doing in the kitchen is straining things. I bought the Tupperware Microwave Pasta Cooker just so I could easily strain pasta (but also cook it in the microwave while I make the sauce on the stove. That gadget has made my life so much easier, however I still boil eggs, potatoes, and more on the stove. That’s where the GEFU Resisti Draining Sieve would come in handy. It reminds me of the pots with interlocking draining lids, however this goes on any pot which saves so much space. No need for individual pots and lids when you’ve got a universal one! It also saves the need for bulky strainers which can be a pain to clean if you get the metal mesh ones. (Uck!)

14. Bin 8 Multi Tool Kitchen Tool ($9.55)

8multiThis is another one of those cute kitchen tools because honestly it makes me want to pour myself a glass of wine. The Bin 8 Multi Kitchen Tool however is a fantastic way to combine a lot of kitchen utensils in a cute and effective storage solution. The “cork” is a funnel attachment for the funnel below it (which could also be used as a flower vase). It is followed by a lemon squeezer, spice grater, egg masher, cheese grater, jar opener, egg separator, and a measuring cup making up the bottom which leaves no part of this wine bottle to waste! Actually…. there’s never a wine bottle to waste in my house but that’s another blog post.

15. Easy To Strain Bowl ($25)

Capture And since we’ve mentioned strainers in the past two posts, I figured the last one could also be a strainer because honestly, to me it is the most troublesome process with a waste of dishes. When I am washing fruit or vegetables, the Easy To Strain Bowl would make washing them so much easier with not having to make sure the entire bowl is over the sink. I could simply direct the flow into the sink!

There are a few more functional gadgets I could list, but honestly if a kitchen is filled with a gadget for every thing then how functional could they really be when there might be a replacement that has multiple uses? What are your favorite gadgets? Leave your responses in the comments below and let me know!

Southern Loving,


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