2016 Erin Condren Comparison + Giveaway [CLOSED]


Ahh the world of planners. It is a most amazing thing to have found such a community of people who love stationary as much as I do. Ever since I was little I would always want to stock up on school supplies each year before I started and I always wanted a planner even though my mother knew half the supplies I wouldn’t use, they just made me happy!

This year Erin Condren has come out with a horizontal version of her amazing life planner.  Erin has also come out with a beautiful rose gold planner to add to her metallics collection, however it was a limited edition. There are a lot of people who still are on the fence about what planner to choose from Erin and I am here to provide you with a side by side comparison! I will be comparing the horizontal and vertical layouts, as well as the rose gold color with a silver RTS option.  I hope this will help you make your decision and even though the rose gold is sold out, I will be giving away one Rose Gold horizontal at the end of this post so keep reading!

First the side by side comparison… I have put together a small gif for those who want to watch a walk through. And I will also us the photos for those who are like myself and must draw out the pros and cons and details of every decision you make! These comparisons will not include any of my thoughts about the new planners, I will save my review for next weekend after I plan this week in both planners!

And now the gif…

And now the individual photos!

20150627_160438 20150627_163616 20150627_163626 20150627_163644 20150627_163700 20150627_163712 20150627_163723 20150627_163735 20150627_163755 20150627_163824 20150627_163853 20150627_163910 20150627_163931 20150627_163954 20150627_164008 20150627_164020 20150627_164028 20150627_164041

Finally a few pictures comparing a rose gold horizontal with a regular horizontal. (I am only showing the first few pages and the different colors in coils.)

20150627_161037 20150627_161111 20150627_161125 20150627_161224 20150627_161239

I hope these photos will help any of you still in limbo about what layout to choose! I will be doing my review and thoughts about each planner next weekend after I have planned my first week. If you would like to share with me any photos of your completed first week, I would gladly love to put them into a montage! Please email layouts to emergencywipers@gmail.com. All layout photos must be clear and must include your preference of instagram name or first name and last initial either on the photo or in the email for me to add. Any photos without credit will not be featured.

Now the fun part… The giveaway!

Would you like to win a rose gold horizontal planner of your own? To enter, simply leave a blog post comment telling me which layout you prefer and then

((CLOSED)) While you’re there you can also unlock more entries by following me on Instagram @emergencywipers, reposting the photo there with #EWRoseGold, or liking my Facebook page! Rafflecopter is just a great way for me to track all the entries! The giveaway will close at the end of the holiday weekend!

Unfortunately at this time, the contest is only open to US residents and APO/FPO/DPO.

Southern Loving,


15 thoughts on “2016 Erin Condren Comparison + Giveaway [CLOSED]”

  1. Love this post!! I was always a horizontal planner and last year but the bullet and went vertical and hated it!! So glad to see Erin come out with a vertical option!! Would love this planner!! Thank you for such a generous and AMAZING giveaway!!


    1. Omg. You commented on my post about wanting a horizontal! I’m so excited that there’s a chance to win! I love how detailed you are!


  2. Thanks for the post!! I have always used horizontal because I am a creature of habit but seeing them together I may have to switch!


  3. This is fantastic! I am thinking of trying the horizontal option this year and the Rose Gold coil looks gorgeous!


  4. This is so awesome of you!!! I have been dying to try the horizontal layout! The vertical is awesome as well, but it is always awesome to try something new!


  5. So helpful to see all the side by side pictures. I have never had an EC I’m newer to the planning world; had a plum paper planner vertical and it didn’t work for me and wanted a horizontal and have been looking this was awesome and I’m really hoping to win!!


  6. I loved this post! I’ve never had an EC and am newer to the planner world, I had a plum paper planner vertical but the format didn’t work for me and was looking for a horizontal. These side by side pictures and a peek into this world of Erin Condren is very exciting and I hope to win!


  7. I have a vertical from last year, but I really think I might love the horizontal !!! Thanks for the chance to win. Glad to see another WV girl !!


  8. This year was the first year I have purchased an EC life planner. I was so excited to start using it but I’m afraid I have not used it to its full potential. I don’t want to purchase a new one and let this one go to waste but I think the horizontal layout would fit my lifestyle and planning style so much better. 🙂


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