Blog Resolutions

It’s December and many things come suit this month. Many holidays, giving, and resolutions for the coming year fill our minds.

I’ve been thinking about where I want to take my blog now since I’ve stopped traveling. I still want to incorporate my daily life and things I encounter but now that I’m not on the road as much there are some new opportunities that present themselves as well.

Have you ever read Julie & Julia? Or perhaps you’ve seen the movie. Either way I think one goal of mine next year for the blog (and you readers are more than welcome to hold me accountable!) is to create my own version. No I don’t want to cook my way through Julia Child’s book, but it got me inspired that I do want to finish a cookbook. Usually I use my cookbooks for when I need a certain type of recipe then I’ll go to the cupboard, and fetch the “chocolate book” or “crock pot recipes” but honestly, what justice am I doing to the chef who poured their heart into making each of these recipes? Especially for chefs that I so adamantly admire?

I want to honor a special chef whom I adore. Her name is Ree Drummond, or you may know her as The Pioneer Woman. I feel a connection with her that I don’t with most chefs and I haven’t met a recipe of hers yet that myself or family don’t absolutely love!

She has a holiday cookbook and my plans are to cook my way through the book! I have thought long and hard about when to start and why not start now with Christmas around the corner, but honestly I want to start at the beginning and go to the end so I will be starting with her New Years’s Day recipes. Now there are some occasions this year like my wedding, and travels to WV for holidays that might prevent me from cooking the actual meals on the actual holiday, but I still plan to cook them! It just may be a couple days before or after 😉 (For example her first recipe has a few different smoothies and french toasts so I will do them on a couple days and alternate between home and work.)

I am insanely excited about this journey and I want to do it not only because I love to cook, but to do justice to the cookbook that Ree worked so hard on. It feels like a sin to only go for a book when I need a certain recipe so I plan to change that 🙂

Southern Lovin,


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